How the complaint process works

You make a complaint to iStudent Complaints


We acknowledge receipt by email or post


We direct your complaint to NZQA because it is not a complaint type we can consider


  • Collect additional information from you
  • Arrange language assistance if necessary
  • Review your complaints
  • Contact the provider concerned, advise them of the complaint and discuss what investigation has already taken place.

Case closed

  • You withdraw your complaint
  • You and your provider can resolve the matter between yourselves


  • Help you and the provider negotiate a resolution that you both agree with

Case closed

  • Agreement is reached


  • If no agreement is reached, we will arrange a mediation with you and your provider

Case closed

  • Agreement is reached


  • If there is no settlement from mediation, an adjudicator who will issue a binding decision

Case closed

  • The decision is issued by the adjudicator