How the complaint process works

You make a complaint to iStudent Complaints


We acknowledge receipt by email or post


If for some reason iStudent Complaints cannot assist you, we will try to direct you to someone who can

Step 1: Enquiry

  • Find out the details of your complaint
  • Collect additional information from you
  • Arrange language assistance if necessary
  • Contact your education provider, advise them of the complaint and, if they have not had the chance, give them the opportunity to resolve the dispute with you directly.


  • You and your provider resolve things between yourselves

Step 2: Negotiation

  • Help you and the provider negotiate a resolution that you both agree with


  • Agreement is reached

Step 3: Mediation

  • A mediator will be appointed
  • They will arrange a mediation with you and your provider


  • Agreement is reached

Step 4: Adjudication

  • If you don’t reach an agreement, iStudent Complaints will make a decision.


  • A final decision is issued by iStudent Complaint’s adjudicator