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Privacy is important to us. If you have any questions about your information or would like assistance understanding our Privacy Statement, we can arrange an interpreter. Please contact us to let us know and we will arrange a professional interpreter in the language you want.

What is personal information?
Personal information is any information which tells us something about a specific individual.1 In your interactions with iStudent Complaints this may range from your contact details to details about your dispute. It may include information that you have provided to iStudent Complaints, and information that others have provided with your consent.


Sharing your information

iStudent Complaints does not give information about you to other government agencies, organisations or anyone else unless any of the following applies:

  • One of the reasons we obtained the information was to give it to someone else, for example, you are a party to proceedings.
  • You have consented.
  • It is required or authorised by the Privacy Act 2020, the Education and Training Act 2020, or by any other law.
  • It will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to public health or safety or to somebody's life or health.
  • The information is to be used in a way that will not identify you; or it is to be used for quality assurance, statistical or research purposes and will not be published in a way that will identify you.

Please also refer to the note below on use of your information.

Collection of personal information

iStudent Complaints collects personal information directly from you about your dispute, and from others to whom you have provided consent to send your personal information to us.

Please refer to Fair Way's website privacy statement for how we collect information when you visit our websites.

Use of personal information

iStudent Complaints uses your personal information primarily in relation to resolving your dispute.

Please note the iStudent Complaints process operates under Scheme Rules. These will be explained to you during your case, however you should be aware that for an adjudication:

  • iStudent Complaints may obtain information that is necessary to resolve your dispute, and this must be supplied, unless an exception stated in the Rules applies.
  • If information is not supplied as requested, the dispute may not be considered further, or may be considered based on the available information.
  • iStudent Complaints will assume that you consent to full disclosure to the other parties in your dispute, unless you expressly ask that it not be disclosed.

Our secondary purpose includes use of your personal information to improve service delivery and performance management through business analysis, process improvement, and marketing. iStudent Complaints only uses aggregated or de-identified personal information, unless operationally impossible.

Disclosure or transfer

iStudent Complaints discloses or transfers your personal information to parties involved in the disputes as required, for performance management and monitoring of service delivery, or as authorised by law.

Information protection

iStudent Complaints keeps your personal information only for as long as it is necessary to carry out our conflict management functions, and as required by law. iStudent Complaints will keep your information in a secure environment.

Your choices

If you want to check the personal information that iStudent Complaints has about you, or receive a copy of that information, you can contact us by email (, by phone or by post to:

Privacy Officer
FairWay Resolution Limited
PO Box 841 Christchurch

If appropriate, you may have the information amended. If iStudent Complaints is not responsible for the information you are looking to access or correct, iStudent Complaints will redirect you to the appropriate party. Where information is not amended, following a request, a note regarding your request will be attached to your file.

1 The Privacy Commissioner's website