Kiwi Culture Explained 6 – Why Farm Animals Are Becoming Social Media Stars in NZ

Thursday, November 14, 2019

You’ve seen them everywhere, cows, sheep and horses dominate the New Zealand landscape. Meanwhile on Instagram you’ve got the household pets, dogs, cats and rabbits, covering your Insta feed. Now, sheep, cows and horses are claiming their rightful place as popular social media figures too. Here we take you on a tour of farms across the country, thanks to four of our favourite Instagram accounts about Kiwi farm animals.

With 19.2k followers and over 900 posts, this is an account that celebrates all things cow in New Zealand, with close-ups of different cow faces and sometimes cows dressed up in different uniforms and hats. There is no other account on Instagram so dedicated to capturing cows’ personalities! You will quickly love the quirkiness and uniqueness of this page and the animals that are the stars of the panels. Popcorn is our favourite of the many weird and wonderful cows that feature on this account.

This is an account for a family owned and operated sheep farm that is based in Karaka. While this account may only have 272 followers, it’s a great snapshot into farm life, featuring working dogs, sheep, chickens and other farm animals. The sheep aren’t the only stars of this account, the sheepdogs also get their fair share of the camera time – we love Grizzie and Katie. Its always great to highlight the amazing job that working dogs do and this account always makes sure to showcase how integral they are to farm life!

Another Instagram account that celebrates New Zealand farm life, this time on a predominantly sheep farm. This account has 469 followers and over 1,000 posts. The sheep and lambs are the stars of the account. However, horses, dogs, deer, chickens and other farm animals also make appearances. The videos and photos on this account usually highlight the cute and adorable, including lamb smiles, sheep dances and other farm animal hijinks. This is a real glimpse into the sheep farming life in New Zealand for all of you city slickers out there who haven’t had the chance to experience the farm yet!

This is the account to follow if you are interested in farming life in New Zealand in general. Here you will find stories told through the lens of real farmers; including hand-picked photos of farmers, grass roots farming events and different livestock from around the country. With 33.6k followers and over 1,600 posts at a rate of a post every 48 hours, you can stay up to date with all your Kiwi farming news. Visit this account to find out more about A&P (Agricultural & Pastoral) shows, farming events and other interesting things from rural New Zealand.

So, you are probably wondering why animals like cows and sheep are being hailed as social media stars and we think the answer is why not? Livestock have a very important part to play in New Zealand and our farmers are a crucial part of who we are as a country. Its great to see the personalities/lives of these working animals, the love they get from their people and from commenters around the world.

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