Our ideal Kiwi Spring to Summer Checklist for International Students

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Spring is almost finished and soon the days will get even longer and people around the country will start leaving their gardens to head to the beach. Here’s our checklist of things that we recommend students get done before summer is fully upon us around the hectic period that is Christmas time!

✔ Its your final chance for a spring clean!
Before spring changes to summer or in early December, you could clean the inside of your house in preparation for the warmth that is due to arrive soon. Freshening things up inside ready for the windows and doors to be left open in summers warm embrace. Or, if you are in a flat or living in a house with a garden, it’s time to offer your services to do some work outside before the sun gets too hot. This means asking your parents, host family, flatmates, or friends to help with the gardening, lawnmowing, weeding and de-prickling the lawn.

✔ Dust the mountain bike off (or get your running shoes ready)
Now that the snow has thawed and the mountains are dry and dusty once more, its time to take your bike up the trail or enjoy one of NZ’s many purpose-built parks. If you don’t own a bike or can’t borrow one, then get your running shoes and go for a walk, jog or run through one of the many trails close to you. Forest, mountain, river and grass, NZ has an abundance of trails to experience and there is guaranteed to be one close by. If you can bike, we suggest one of New Zealand’s 22 Great Rides on the NZ Cycle Trail.

✔ Re-string the tennis racket and start knocking-in your cricket bat

Its summer sports time again! That means all these sports are starting up again across the country; athletics, cricket, cross-country, lawn bowls, softball, sailing, swimming, tennis, touch, volleyball and water polo, among others. If you aren’t into playing any of these sports, going along and watching a pro participate might spark your interest, or you could head along and watch your friends play! Its worth it because the weather will most likely be nice and it may inspire you to get involved in the future.

✔ Ditch the warm meals and prep the smoothie machine

Its strawberry and blueberry season, which means its out with the soup and in with smoothies! That’s right, head to the local supermarket or go for bulk fruits at your closest fruit farm. Stock up on bananas, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and any other fruits that you fancy and get them in a blender along with yoghurt, milk, orange juice or water. Plus, stop off at a fruit farm or orchard and you are likely to have the chance to try some delicious real fruit ice cream – or make some yourself by putting ice in your blender at home!

✔ Make sure you are prepared for long days by the water

New Zealand has plenty of beaches, rivers, swimming holes and pools to visit in the summer. Not only should you spend a lot of your school or Uni holidays by the beach or pool this summer, you should also aim to be sun-smart and stylish while you are there! If you are living/studying in New Zealand there is less ozone here to block the UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer, which is why it is important to protect yourself while you enjoy the summer heat. Combat the heat by shedding some layers of clothes, wearing your jandals and getting your nicest swimming togs on, just make sure to bring sun-screen with you to protect your skin too!

The main thing is to use this time to relax and explore New Zealand. Whether you are here for a few more months, a couple of years or potentially thinking of extending your stay even longer, spring-summer time will provide you with the weather and long days to participate in some epic events, refreshed and ready for 2020!

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