5 Reasons to Dine out During Wellington on a Plate for International Students!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Wellington on a plate is a celebration of Wellington’s incredicle food culture, restaurants and cafes. Its a chance for chefs, eateries and customers to all try something new. This time of year, especially the burger part, is a great time for students to go out and try out a new place to eat at one of the participating Wellington restaurants in town. Here are our thoughts on the event and some of the places we want to try for Burger Wellington this year

1. Its going for longer this year!
Wellington on a plate (WOAP) is a festival of four major events; Dine Wellington, Cocktail Wellington, Beervana and Burger Wellington.This year Dine Wellington and Burger Wellington are two part events, with WOAP running for the entire month of August instead of just two/three weeks. Dine Wellington finishes on 16th August and Burger Wellington starts on Saturday 17th and finishes on the final day of the month on Saturday 31 August 2019.

2. There are so many burger options!
With 232 different burgers available and all types of fillings suiting many dietary needs on offer you’ve got to give a burger a go this festival. Burgers and sides of all shapes, sizes, colours and tastes create a unique event. We’ve done the research and here are all of the numbers of burger proteins available:

  • Beef = 90 burgers
  • Chicken = 38 burgers
  • Pork = 34 burgers
  • Vegetarian = 16 burgers
  • Venison = 3 burgers
  • Sliders with muliple protein options = 9 sliders (3 different restaurants)
  • Dessert burgers = 4 burgers
  • Sausage = 2 burgers
  • Turkey = 1 burger
  • Alpaca = 1 burger
  • Wallaby = 1 burger
  • Hare = 1 burger
  • Goat = 1 burger
  • Bratwurst = 1 burger
  • Tofu/Pork Mince = 1 burger

3. Its a great date night idea/hangout opportunity!
Burgers and drinks at one of Wellington’s premier restaurants is a great way to break the ice or further a relationship. Food is always a fantastic way to bond and have a conversation undisturbed by phone screens. If you’re not on the dating scene, then take some of your friends and have some decent burgers and conversation with your friend group instead!

4. Its on for a limited time!
The fact that WOAP only happens once a year means that if you are only in the country for a small amount of time you might miss your window of opportunity to experience the festival if you aren’t in Wellington the next year it happens. Make the most of your chance to get a meal or drinks while you can. Try something new and see how many different establishments you can tick off the list this year.

5. Forget about the cold and wet!
One of the best ways to forget about the winter weather is by settling down by a fire/heater and having a hearty meal inside with people you care about while the wind howls outside. Forget your problems and indulge in some of the tastiest food our capital has to offer. Finally, winter has something good to offer apart from snow and sports!

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