6 Things for International Students to do During the NZ University Break This Winter

Thursday, August 20, 2020

With Spring just around the corner and COVID-19 keeping many students at home, here is our list of some things you can do in your last winter break of 2020.

Experience the snow

If you live in the South Island then this is something that is easy to do, however for a lot of the North Island (especially the upper North), you will need to plan a trip to see the snow once your Alert Level moves lower. Never fear however, as you will have plenty of time to visit the snow next season if you can’t get there this time!

Crunch in the frost

If you aren’t living in an area that gets a regular snowfall, or you can’t travel to the snow due to COVID-19 restrictions or transport limitations, the next best thing is crunching through the frosted grass on a cool NZ morning. A 7am wakeup to watch the sunrise, a coffee and hot-chocolate and gumboots or waterproof shoes are all great accompaniments as you enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. There is something oddly satisfying about that crunch and it’s an otherworldly feeling watching the sun slowly melt the frost away in a haze.

Catch a sunset!

Some of NZ’s most beautiful sunsets are in winter when the sky is clear, and the nights are crisp and cold. Staying out in the fresh air, watching the sun slowly dip over the horizon of a beautiful Kiwi landscape, all while you ensure you are wrapped up warm, is an underrated NZ experience!

Make the most of the days getting longer

Longer days mean more time for activities! Get some exercise in and make the most of the great NZ outdoors whenever the weather and temperature permits. This is the best time to visit all the winter wonderland spots that will look completely different once spring and summer arrive to transform the landscape from a frozen snowy spectacle to one of flowers and dry grass.

Eat hearty

Warm meals are all the rage, so make sure you eat lots and try plenty of vegetables. With cafes and restaurants still open (or available for takeaway depending on where you are), take the time to try something new at a place nearby. Discover a new favourite meal and make sure you get plenty of food so that you keep your body warm and your nutrition levels high so that you can make the most of your holiday!

Take time for yourself

When you come back to University after the break you will need to make sure you are refreshed and raring to go, so be sure to have a couple of days where you do what makes you happy. Whether that is reading, watching TV, gaming, sleeping, drawing, playing, creating – whatever it is, do something for yourself that will refresh and relax you.

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