8 Kiwi Gifts and Souvenirs to Get for Your Family and Friends – 2020 Edition

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Two years ago we released this blog on the 12 best Kiwiana items you can take home or send to your families and friends. Then for Christmas in 2018 we also released this blog on 10 Kiwi Presents and Gifts. Now we are back with eight new Kiwi gifts and souvenirs – included on this list are some old favourites as well as some soon to be Kiwi icons.

1. Pāua Kiwi Ornaments
It’s worthwhile to take home a mixture of two icons of Aotearoa with this Kiwi figurine made from aluminium and enamel and painted in Pāua shades. Or if you are looking for a real Pāua shell Kiwi, look no further than these Kiwi ornaments and choose from the Kiwi or the egg! Pāua is the Māori name given to the large edible sea snail known as abalone. The shells are rainbow coloured and recognised as taonga (treasure). Pāua is esteemed for its seafood properties, use in arts, crafts and jewellery.

2. All Birds Shoes
Crafted from numerous materials, it is the New Zealand merino wool shoes that we recommend. The shoes were co-founded in 2014 by Wellingtonian and former NZ professional footballer Tim Brown and his business partner Joey Zwillinger. These shoes are sustainably sourced, and crafted to be incredibly comfortable, breathable and versatile. These are a fantastic gift for the sneakerhead in your family or friend group.

3. Chelsea Golden Syrup
Having been around since 1884, this iconic Kiwi favourite comes in a tin or in an easy pour bottle form. It is a great ingredient for baking and is a fantastic gift to a friend or family member that loves to cook. We recommend the iconic tin (not pictured here), which has a thicker consistency and is better suited to baking.

4. Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter
Making game-changing peanut butter is this Kiwi company’s bread and butter! They create fantastic flavours, including; granola butter, dark chocolate, cashew butter, almond butter, smoke and fire, fruit toast and coffee & maple to name a few! They also have peanut butter windows in Wellington and Auckland, where you can get the peanut butter straight from the source. For the sandwich or toast lover in your friend/family group.

5. Edmonds Cookbook
This cookbook has been around since 1908, with the 69th edition of this Kiwi classic released in 2016. Edmonds was established in 1879, when John Edmonds released his first batch of baking powder in 200 tins, with the promise that it was “sure to rise”. Share the secrets of your favourite Kiwi baking dishes and recipes with your loved ones by bringing them home this iconic book.

6. Kiwi Ice Cream Magnet
These classic Kiwi ice creams and ice blocks are a great addition to your fridge. If you haven’t tried them yet, you can get your inspiration here to put looks to the taste test. Better yet, if you have a favourite you can put it up on your family’s fridge and take it home with you to share your love for the Kiwi summer treat. Flavours included are; popsicle, jelly tip, rocky road, traffic light, real fruit, choc bar and hokey pokey.

7. Tour of NZ Board Game
Originally released in 1955, this game celebrates New Zealand by encouraging players to be the first to complete a tour of NZ visiting many of the country’s towns and cities along the journey. This is a great way to share the stories of all the places you visited with your family and friends each time you land on the corresponding square.

8. The Longest Drink in Town Milkshake Cups
Since 1968, the paper cup version of these had been seen in dairies throughout the country as the ideal milkshake cup. This Kiwi icon has been recreated as a four plastic cup set that lets everyone experience ‘the longest drink in town’. It’s the perfect size for a milkshake or for a smoothie.

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