Best Places to Eat with Friends in Christchurch, for International Students

Thursday, August 1, 2019

This is an update on our 20 delicious and affordable places to eat for International Students in Major Cities Around NZ blog that we created last year. This time around we are going to be more in-depth for each city and tell you the best places for breakfast, lunch and dinner in each of our major cities. In this edition we cover Christchurch, the garden city, located in the South Island of NZ.


1. Underground Café at the Colombo – 359 Colombo Street

Simple but effective coffee and cabinet food complimented by a nice atmosphere that is at times separate and at times involved with the shoppers at the mall. The smoothies and chef made meals are an extra if you are looking to stay awhile, but we recommend stopping for a quick bite and coffee on your way to the mall.

2. Pedro’s Café @ XCHC – 376 Wilsons Road North
A creative space designed to feature guest chefs, pop-up restaurants and other artists looking for feedback from the community. Plenty of options for vegans, gluten and for people with other dietary requirements. If you would like to host an event there are catering options available including food, drinks and bar options. The space is also pet friendly!

3. Little Pom’s – 294 Kilmore Street
Providing free range food that is locally sourced and combined to maximise flavour, this central Christchurch restaurant is not to be missed. Providing plenty of great breakfast options, with great service to boot, a trip to the red building on the corner is highly worthwhile.

4. Hello Sunday Café – 6 Elgin Street
Well known for their great mixture of brunch foods, this café is in a building that has over 200 years of history, going from a Post Office to Baptist Church Sunday School and now a café. Recommended food items include Shakshuka, hot doughnuts, Korean fried chicken and lamb barbacoa tacos.

5. Under The Red Verandah Café and Bakery – 502 Worcester Street
Try the savoury cabinet food and enjoy eating inside or outside the new building that owner Mandy (a chef/baker with 22 years of experience) runs with her family. The cottage has several rooms available for private gatherings.


1. Mama Ree Thai Street Food – 2 Papanui Road
Super friendly staff and amazing curries, this store does great food for a reasonable price. They have just released an extensive new menu that is inspired by Bangkok’s urban culture. Their Thai cuisine is well-known throughout Christchurch.

2. Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar – 144 Lichfield Street
If you’re a fan of dumplings, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to this fantastic bar in central Christchurch. Shanghai born chef Norman uses techniques passed down from generations to handmake all Potsticker dumplings in front of customers. All food served at the bar is sourced from local ingredients.

3. Rogues of Rotherham – 42 Rotherham Street
Opened in 2016, Rogues of Rotherham, Riccarton is a one of those rare restaurants where you can have both pizza, mains and plates to share (including the ‘Rogues Platter’ for everyone). The atmosphere and staff make the lunch experience that much better because both are top-notch, a great way to escape the winter cold.

4. Maison de Crepes – The Yard 173 St Aspah Street
Sheena Hemens has turned many years of French holidays and a former relationship with a Frenchman from Brittany into a thriving crêpe shop. Pay a visit and enjoy the all-day savour and sweet crêpes or another sweet treat like waffles, croissants and pain au chocolates. The staff are friendly and will be accommodating while you work your way through the menu!

5. Inati – 48 Hereford Street
This extremely popular restaurant has a great reputation as a classy food and service provider. Creative food with the option to choose from a wider menu or a ‘trust the chef’ option of multiple courses chosen by the chef, this is a must-try!


1. AFG/The Afghan Restaurant – 314 Lincoln Road

Providing authentic Middle Eastern cuisine at a fantastic price, it is recommended that you head into the restaurant, sit down and the staff will provide you with a meal that they choose for you.

2. Kinji Japanese Restaurant – 279B Greers Road
For sushi and seafood lovers, this is the place to go. Always busy, delicious and with fantastic service. After moving from their Colombo street location after the earthquake, they established their restaurant in their Greers Road location and are now open from Monday to Saturday 17:30 – 22:00.

3. Twenty-Seven Steps – 16 New Regent Street
Climb the 27 steps into a restaurant with incredible food that justifies its expensiveness. The service and atmosphere are remarkable, with staff going over and above to provide you with a memorable night.

4. 5th Street – 5 Elgin Street
Opening in 2018, this is another restaurant that charges high prices but justifies the expense with a fantastic atmosphere, great service and tasty dinner. Located in an old Warehouse across the road from Hello Sunday, head chefs Sam and Max will provide you with food that you will love.

5. The Happening Bar and Kitchen – 165 Gloucester Street
Quality is the key word when it comes to this restaurant. The décor and bar are inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’, which is set-up to show the feel and ambience of luxury and style. They also have live performances on Friday and Saturday that you can attend. This is a great place to come and enjoy a night out with your friends.

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