Happy New Year from iStudent Complaints!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

2019 has come to an end, welcome to the New Year and the new decade! We hope 2020 will be a year of progress and fun new experiences for you.

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed the magnificent summer weather. Whether you spent your New Years by the beach, at home in front of the TV or in the outdoors exploring the country, we trust that you had fun and stayed safe!

Make the most of your summer days
If you have a while left in your holidays before school/University starts up again in February or March 2020, take the chance to explore more of New Zealand while people head back to work. During summer popular outdoor areas in New Zealand do get crowded, however it is still worthwhile to see the sights before you must get back into study mode. Summer is a great time to do non-academic learning about New Zealand, its people and its most incredible spots. Take a road trip with friends, try a new sport (i.e. surfing) and generally enjoy the relaxed Kiwi summer atmosphere.

Now is a great time to start planning your 2020
Do you want to set some New Years Resolutions? Do you have certain goals or milestones you are aiming to reach this year? There are lots of opportunities to grow and develop in this country, if you are driven and know what you are striving towards. Is your 2020 a blank slate, or a continuation of your 2019 aspirations that you are close to making achieved goals? The best time to set goals and start on your way to achieving them is now. Take your opportunities to grow and get out of your comfort zone this year. Do something challenging and find a new kind of fun this year.

We are here if you need us
Finally, a note from us. We hope that you are happily enrolled in a course provided by one of the many excellent education providers we have in this country. However, should you need us, the iStudent Complaints team have also had our Christmas & New Year break and we are refreshed and ready to help you resolve any contractual and financial disputes you might have with your education provider.

Now, here’s to 2020, a new decade and a whole year of new tomorrows. 366 days to experience a whole lot of change, new experiences or to practice and learn things that you have been doing since you were young. What will you be doing this year? And where might you be at the end of this decade? The possibilities are varied and exciting. Get out there, make your mark and claim your identity!

Who are iStudent Complaints and what can we help you with?
iStudent Complaints is an independent dispute resolution scheme established by the New Zealand Government. Our objective is to encourage swift settlement of contractual and financial disputes between international students and their providers in New Zealand. As an independent and impartial service, we are not affiliated with any Education providers.

Our service is fully funded by the Export Education Levy and we can provide an interpreter to help if required.

Why did we do this blog?
Even if we need to step in one day to help you resolve a dispute, we want you to enjoy studying and living in our amazing country as much as we do. To that end, we’ve created this content so that you may continue to explore and experience the best New Zealand can offer.