Kiwi Culture Explained 2 - Why Kiwi Students Spend Summer Away from Home

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Whether you are attending school, college or university, over the summer months of December to February you will have time off from study and classes. This means you have ample opportunity to get out and explore the country and everything it has to offer in its warm summer days.

New Zealand is a country of 4.8 million people, with a total land area of 263,310 square kilometres there is plenty to explore. New Zealand’s land area is larger than that of England (130,395 square km, 66.4 million people), Netherlands (41,543 square km, 17.1 million people) and Senegal (192,000 square km, 16.5 million people). So, with less than half the population of all these countries, New Zealanders have access to much more land. With most of the population living, working and studying in the major cities around the country, most Kiwis take their summer holidays to the beaches and smaller towns around the country. This causes populations to grow exponentially in places that don’t normally see many people in the winter. For New Zealander’s summers are a time to reconnect with family and friends in a new location or a place of nostalgia or familiarity. But mostly summer is a chance to take a break from where they live and work.

The great thing about a Kiwi summer is that you never know what you are going to get but at the same time, you know exactly what to expect. That is, you can expect beautiful summer weather, all kinds of delicious food and great company. At the same time, you don’t know where you will find it and how it will be experienced and that’s what makes every summer spent here so memorable. Road trips with friends, via public transport or in a car, are crucial to the Kiwi summer experience. We can’t recommend it enough. The views that you can find on a New Zealand summers day are incredible. From sun-up to sunset and everything in-between, New Zealand produces the goods. Take a trip to the coast or up a mountain to watch the sunrise. Have a picnic with your friends and play games until the sunsets. New Zealand’s long summer days are best enjoyed exploring new pastures that you are only experiencing for the first time.

Visiting different places and getting out of your normal routine is a must this summer in New Zealand. If you haven’t got away from your home already, the holidays are winding up, so take this chance to do something different and get away from your regular work/study routine. Wherever you end up, you are bound to have a unique experience that will be different from what you have been used to so far. If you can’t travel too far, the opportunity is there to go explore your local region. There are plenty of great hikes, day trips and activities out there!

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