Spring in New Zealand 2019 for International Students

Thursday, September 19, 2019

This is a general overview of the spring season in New Zealand, which lasts from September to November before summer begins in the month of December. For more specific activities to do in Spring you can refer back to our 2018 blog on the subject here.


Spring in New Zealand is when lambs are introduced to the world! With plenty of sheep all over the country, lots of lambs are always born around this time across the country. This means there will be lambs everywhere that will need to be kept warm and well fed. Once they have gained some strength and gotten a bit older, these bouncing and energetic little animals are very fun, cute and can be petted if you are kind to them/don’t frighten them with sudden movements. If you don’t know someone who has a farm, we recommend visiting a petting zoo or heading to an Agriculture & Pastoral (A&P) show.

Blossoms & Gardening

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, the flowers start to show their petals to the sun again. Now is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the flowers in new bloom, before the summer heat and crowds overwhelm the most popular spots. There are also gardens to visit all over the country, whether private or public, there’s lots to see! Spring is also an excellent season to plant and weed the garden again because the longer and warmer days will give you a chance to get your hands dirty and make way for new growth.

Spring skiing

What do you do when the snow turns to slush in a stronger sun? Make the most of the melting snow, beautiful bluebird days and reduced ski lodge prices of course! Though not winter, when the skiing is best, this is still an excellent time to experience skiing in New Zealand because of the reduced crowds and greater chance of clear days to enjoy the slopes under. Plus, once you are done with skiing you can stay outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather instead of rushing home to the fire. Also, you can enjoy some cheaper prices for lessons and ski passes at the ski resorts/ski areas as they ensure everyone gets a go on the snow before its gone again for the year.

Outdoor time
Now that the wind and cold weather has calmed down, you can take trips to the outdoors again without having to constantly worry about the weather packing in or getting too hot! There’s nothing quite like a calm, warm spring rain and swimming after a day of study or work (especially in the upper North Island). Get back into the outdoors this spring – take a hike, explore a vineyard, go on a road trip or just walk somewhere instead of driving for a change. There’s no excuse for missing out on the vivid spring colours that New Zealand offers at dawn, during the day and at dusk. If going out and finding a walk to do isn’t something you are keen to do, you can always go along on a pre-planned event with others, such as; guided sanctuary walks, conservation week bushwalks or a tramp for beginners.

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Why did we do this blog?
Even if we need to step in one day to help you resolve a dispute, we want you to enjoy studying and living in our amazing country as much as we do. To that end, we’ve created this content so that you may continue to explore and experience the best New Zealand can offer.