Top 10 Kiwi Presents & Gifts for International Students to Give this Christmas

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Why not impress and delight your family and friends by sending home a Kiwi gift this Christmas?

1. Swanndri bush shirt
This iconic piece of Kiwi clothing has been utilised by Kiwis braving the elements for over a century. The ‘swanny’ (as it is affectionately known by New Zealander’s) was trademarked in 1913, after designer William Broome, a tailor by trade, had grown so frustrated by the ever-changing windy and rainy NZ weather that he put together his first design to combat the issue. He created a short-sleeved, long-backed garment designed to be worn over the top of work clothes for rain-shower proofing. The characteristic appearance of the modern swanny throws back to the original checked/tartan pattern, but with a zip neck instead of laced neck enclosure and optional hood. Broome named the clothes Swanndri because of the way water ran off your back after the 100% wool garment had been dipped in a special waterproofing material. This is a great gift for the person in your family or friend group who likes to stay warm and dry in the winter.

2. Pineapple Lump keyring
Sometimes it’s hard to give the gift of chocolates – especially if you are trying to send them long distances! Here’s a way to give a gift that shows off some Kiwi chocolate, but you don’t have to worry about it melting or being eaten along the way. A classic Kiwi treat, these pineapple lumps are cast from original moulds in resin and look like the real deal. A perfect gift for a friend who loves pineapple lumps or a family member who likes chocolate, and a great way to demonstrate your Kiwi-ness in present form. To order your very own keyring, visit Not Socks NZ.

3. Donovans Manuka Honey filled chocolates
The Christmas chocolate theme continues, because what else do you see more of at Christmas than chocolate? But why settle with just chocolate, we suggest sweetening the deal even further and getting yourself some manuka honey filled chocolates from Kiwi chocolate maker Donovans. NZ’s most sought-after honey in the centre of some of our country’s most delicious NZ-made chocolate? What a gift!

4. Moana Road Tea Towels
If you’re looking for true throwback Kiwiana gifts you can look no further than Moana Rd and their collection of Kiwiana tea towels. Their prints include anything from the Sky Tower to Native birds and even some famous Kiwi ice-creams. This present is for that person who likes souvenirs that truly reflect the spirit of their home nation. Give this to someone so that their kitchen can get a bit more Kiwi!

5. All Blacks gear
Found at souvenir shops across the country, the All Blacks brand is known across the world thanks to the incredible winning record of New Zealand’s rugby team. It’s the country’s most popular sport and the black colours and white fern can be seen flying proudly all around the country, which makes an All Blacks flag, beanie or jersey an extremely popular commodity and a great gift.

6. Great NZ road trips book
You can drive from the highest point of NZ all the way to the bottom in just a few days, but if you really want to make the most of your trip you might as well take a few weeks! Buying the Let’s Get Lost: Great NZ Road Trips book for your fellow travellers is a great way to give them ideas of places to take you and the rest of your friends next time you decide to see some NZ sights. It gives you a bit of history, a chance to meet some of the locals, a sense of NZ’s beauty and a clear direction to take next time you want to explore some of NZ’s amazing places.

7. The classic NZ tomato sauce bottle
Yep, its shaped like a tomato. Chances are that you’ve been to more than one NZ establishment that stocks these legendary tomato sauce dispensers! Every summer a trip to the café isn’t complete without someone getting chips or fish and using this dispenser to put their sauce on their meal. A present that is ideal for the foodie of the family or friend group.

8. Kiwi, Merino or Loopy Sheep Toys
A perfect kids present; these cuddly toys are super snuggly and cute-looking. While these toys don’t move or make noise, they make up for it by being extremely soft and charming looking. Not to mention they are also warm and suitable for all ages!

9. Whio Pounamu jade pendant
A pounamu pendant is an extremely personal and special gift to give to someone. The colourations are unique to NZ and every stone is special. This necklace also has a hole in the middle and doubles as a whistle! For more on the pendant and instructions on how to use the whistle, you can visit Kiwi2go.

10. Possum merino gloves
A great present to send home to those in a cold climate, possum merino gloves are very warm and soft against cold hands. The best thing about these gloves is that they look good while keeping your hands cosy. Choose your size, colour and icon colour and enjoy the incredible comfort for yourself or gift them to one of your better friends in a colder climate.

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