Top 10 Kiwi Words for Objects that International Students Should Learn

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hey, how are ya? Welcome to our blog on NZ slang words for places and objects that you will commonly hear in this part of the world.

1. Lollies
In New Zealand lollies means ‘all sweets or candy in general’. Our lollies are liquorice, marshmallows, gummy bears, hard candy, etc…  “I got a bag of mixed lollies and it only cost me $2.”

2. Dairy
Normally the word ‘dairy’ means ‘a cow farm’ or ‘milk or cheese’ if you aren’t from New Zealand. However, if you are a Kiwi you know that a dairy is a place to go when you need something and can’t make the trip to the supermarket. Dairies are convenience stores that are usually closer-by than a supermarket and the place to go if you need something quickly, within walking distance. “I’m just going down the road to grab some bread from the dairy.”

3. Jandals
Also known as flip flops, thongs (Australia) or sandals. These are simple shoes with a single loop that you can slip between your toes (see picture). “Hey, we are heading to the beach now” “Sweet, I’ll just put my jandals on for the walk.”

4. Gumboots
Ideal for farmers, these boots (also known as Wellingtons or rubber boots) are fully waterproof and cover your shins almost up to your knee. They are perfect for getting through the mud without getting dirty. “There’s a sheep stuck in that ditch down there and I’ll just put my gumboots on and get it out.”

Electronic Payment System – Cheque, Savings or Credit. Ask a helpful local to explain how it works and if your card can do it. “I had to swipe my EFTPOS card twice because it didn’t work the first time.”

6. Togs
This is the Kiwi name for what you wear swimming. When we say togs, we mean swimming costume or bathing costume. “I just got these new togs the other day and can’t wait to wear them to the beach later.

7. Scroggin
A collection of nuts, raisins and chocolate also known as trail mix. Very useful on a tramp or hike. “We are climbing a mountain today and I got the scroggin!”

8. Chilly Bin
A large plastic container that you can put ice in and keep your drinks cold. In Australia, it’s called an esky and sometimes it’s known as a cooler. “I’ve got the chilly bin sorted for the camping trip!” “Sweet, I’ll get some ice for it.”

9. Bach
This is where a lot of Kiwis go on their family holiday. Its pronounced ‘batch’ and they are the perfect place to go in summer. A bach is also known as a 'crib' in the South Island. It is a holiday home or small house usually located close to a beach. “Let’s go to the bach this weekend, don’t forget to bring some friends.”

10. Hokey Pokey
A delicious flavour of ice-cream that is mainly vanilla with solid lumps of honeycomb toffee sprinkled throughout. “I can’t choose between hokey pokey and goody goody gumpdrop ice-cream.”

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