Kiwi Boredom Busters for International Students

Thursday, May 7, 2020

After six weeks of lockdown, if you have found yourself with nothing to do, here are some suggestions of Kiwi related things you can do at home while you wait to be allowed to go exploring the country again.

Research New Zealand animals
Learn some sheep and Kiwi facts, two animals that are very important to New Zealander’s. We’ve done blogs in the past that explain how important sheep are to our country and explain the history of our national symbol, the kiwi bird. Impress your friends by learning about these animals, as well as some of the other fauna that are native to New Zealand. Learn your weka from your kaka and familiarise yourself with the weta that gives the Weta Workshop its name.

Learn the NZ accent and slang words
A fun activity you can always try, is trying to imitate the unique New Zealand accent and learning the many slang words that accompany it. Here is a very useful video that includes 21 tips to help you learn to understand and speak in a Kiwi accent.

Watch a classic All Blacks rugby game (and the Haka at the start)

For those that are interested in sports and competition, now is the perfect time to familiarise yourself with our countries national sport – rugby. Watch an old All Blacks game on YouTube and witness the Māori haka before the game. Marvel at the ability of the players and try and get your head around the many rules that accompany the code (i.e. passing the ball backwards only, five points for a try, conversions, scrums, rucks and mauls, to name a few!)

Learn a Māori song

Poi E, Pokarekare Ana or Tutira mai nga iwi are all well-known songs that you could learn to sing while you have a bit more time. These are songs that have a cultural resonance with most Kiwis. There are also other Māori artists to check out, such as the artists that comprise Maimoa, Stan Walker, Ria Hall, Troy Kingi and Maisey Rika. They also have awesome songs that you might be interested in learning.

Learn some basic Māori phrases

From ‘kia ora’ (hello) to ‘ka kite ano’ (see you tomorrow), New Zealander’s often use the Māori language in their everyday lives. It will come in handy to know some of the key phrases that will be used. As well as the ones we outlined above, we think learning kia kaha (be strong), haere ra (goodbye), ka pai (good) and tēnā koutou (hello to multiple people) will be useful to your daily New Zealand life.

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Why did we do this blog?
Even if we need to step in one day to help you resolve a dispute, we want you to enjoy studying and living in our amazing country as much as we do. To that end, we’ve created this content so that you may continue to explore and experience the best New Zealand can offer.