Virtual New Zealand – Tours for International Students Who Can’t Study in NZ Due to COVID-19

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Whether it be through images, 360° photos/videos, YouTube videos or a combination of all these things, there are many ways you can tour the country virtually if you can’t make it to New Zealand itself. The best thing about them is that they are completely free! All you need is an internet connection.

Scanview, virtual photo tour of Queenstown

On this site, take a virtual tour of Queenstown’s waterfront and explore Arrowtown and Lake Wanaka in the summertime. Take in a full 360° view of each landscape, zoom in or out as you please as you take in the sights and plan your adventure. Get a feel for the landmarks that you will see on the waterfronts of Queenstown and Wanaka, or in the township of Arrowtown.

National Geographic, Waitomo Glow Worm cave 360° video

In this fascinating 360° video presentation you are transported under the earth and taken on a video tour of New Zealand’s Waitomo Glow Worm caves. Here in an audio-visual presentation, learn about the facts behind the Glow Worms as you rotate your camera view using the mouse to see the Glow Worms and read the text on-screen that outlines why these carnivorous worms twinkle like the night sky in order to attract their prey.

Wellington NZ, Wellington 360° VR video playlist

This is a four-video series that outlines some of the things that you can see or experience in New Zealand’s capital city. From a run-through of the Te Auaha NZ Institute of Creativity, a virtual tour of the Te Papa Museum of NZ, a pre-game experience of Sky Stadium before an All Blacks test against South Africa and a tour of the Weta Cave – all in 360° virtual video tour guide format!

Nature Relaxation Films, South Island video tour
If you were looking for an escape to New Zealand, with relaxation at the forefront of your mind – enjoy a virtual tour that doesn’t involve you moving the camera. Simply turn your video settings up to 4k, put your headphones on and sit back for an hour of short clips from around New Zealand’s stunning South Island landscapes. Take in the images and relaxing soundtrack as you witness waterfalls, animals and different weather/seasons that perfectly capture the beauty and isolation of New Zealand’s South Island. And you don’t even have to leave your living room!

Bush and Beach, virtual tour page

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Auckland’s West Coast but haven’t managed to visit it, then the Wilderness Experience 360° virtual tour offered by this website is a great way to experience a tour using your computer. Go from the Arataki Centre to Piha beach to the rainforest and learn interesting facts about each area and its features along the way.

BucketListly Blog, full NZ tour photo series

Another interesting twist on the virtual tour format is this photo series from 2014 by blogger Pete from Bangkok. Over five weeks and in 70 photos he documented his journey from New Zealand’s North Island to the South Island and combined it all into a video at the end for those that prefer the video version of the tour.

Google Maps, Milford Sound lookout photo spheres

The next best way to experience one of the places known as a paradise on earth is by viewing 360° photos taken in all the best spots by Google Maps users. These shots are on land, sea and even underwater from the floating Milford Sound Observatory. You can see the waterfalls of the sounds up close and imagine yourself there as you pan the camera around the sea and mountains. Take a trip from the lens of a tour boat or sea kayak run by the Southern Discoveries team. There’s even some shots from the top of the famous Mitre Peak!

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