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8 Things Unique to New Zealand for International Students to Discover

Wed 28 Aug 2019

In honour of our No.8 wire mentality, we bring you eight things that New Zealand alone is known for.

What We Learned at the NZIEC 2019

Thu 22 Aug 2019

iStudent Complaints attended, presented and had a trade stand at the New Zealand International Education Conference (NZIEC) held at Sky City Convention Centre this year. Here is what we learned from the conference.

5 Reasons to Dine out During Wellington on a Plate for International Students!

Thu 15 Aug 2019

Wellington on a plate is a celebration of Wellington’s incredicle food culture, restaurants and cafes. Its a chance for chefs, eateries and customers to all try something new.

Best Places to Eat with Friends in Dunedin, for International Students

Fri 9 Aug 2019

This is an update on our 20 delicious and affordable places to eat