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The 15 Best Things to Eat in Kiwi Summer, a Guide for International Students

Thu 12 Dec 2019

This is a guide for international students that explains the best things that are available to eat in summer in New Zealand. With Christmas and New Year arriving in the summer months, make sure to be merry and eat well!

12 Things International Students Should Know Before Coming to NZ (SUMMER EDITION)

Thu 5 Dec 2019

This is a short list of some of the main things we think international students should know before coming here. These are our top tips of preparing for your New Zealand stay, with a summer twist.

12 Activities to do to Make Your NZ Summer a Memorable One in 2019/20

Thu 28 Nov 2019

These are the activities that we think will make international students studying in New Zealand have summer an unforgettable Kiwi summer in 2019/20.

Visit – The Lost Spring (Whitianga)

Our ideal Kiwi Spring to Summer Checklist for International Students

Thu 21 Nov 2019

Spring is almost finished and soon the days will get even longer and people around the country will start leaving their gardens to head to the beach.

Kiwi Culture Explained 6 – Why Farm Animals Are Becoming Social Media Stars in NZ

Thu 14 Nov 2019

You’ve seen them everywhere, cows, sheep and horses dominate the New Zealand landscape. Meanwhile on Instagram you’ve got the household pets, dogs, cats and rabbits, covering your Insta feed.