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December and January Opening Hours

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Wed 19 Dec 2018

iStudent Complaints are open between 8.30am and 5pm weekdays, excluding statutory holidays.

The iStudent Complaints office will be closed on the statutory holidays.

Top 10 Kiwi Presents & Gifts for International Students to Give this Christmas

Thu 13 Dec 2018

Why not impress and delight your family and friends by sending home a Kiwi gift this Christmas?

Managing Your Student Loan and Other Finances - Information for International Students Studying in NZ

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Thu 6 Dec 2018

This list provides you with information on managing your student loan and other student benefits that you receive while studying in New Zealand.

New Zealand Living Costs - A Guide for International Students

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Thu 29 Nov 2018

Here’s some information on nine of the average costs of common expenses and some other things that you might spend money on during day-to-day life in New Zealand.

16 Top Races and Fitness Events for International Students to Watch or Do in NZ

Thu 22 Nov 2018

We have compiled the ultimate list of fitness events for international students to volunteer for, watch or participate in across all of New Zealand.