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Top 12 Kiwi Spring Activities for International Students to Do

News item
Thu 4 Oct 2018

These are the best things to do in New Zealand when the weather starts getting warmer and the flowers start to come back after their winter retreat.

Guide to Rural NZ Animals for International Students

News item
Thu 27 Sep 2018

Agriculture is a huge part of New Zealand’s economy. You will often see animals on farms across New Zealand’s countryside.

Annual Report

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Thu 27 Sep 2018

Guide to NZ University Degrees for International Students

News item
Thu 20 Sep 2018

Here is a guide to all the most common University degrees that students can undertake and attempt to earn in New Zealand.

An Overview of the General Education System in NZ for International Students (University and Postgrad) – Part Three

Thu 13 Sep 2018

After college, students in New Zealand can continue their studies by continuing on the third level of education from age 18 to their late 20’s.