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9 More Kiwi TV Shows International Students Should Watch

Thu 13 Jun 2019

It is getting cold outside again and its time to stay inside, get warm and watch some of these classic Kiwi shows.

Changes to NZQA Rule

News item
Fri 7 Jun 2019

06 May 2019

2019 Kiwi Kai for International Students to Try

Thu 6 Jun 2019

If you don’t see kai (food) that you think should be in this blog, you can find our 2018 version of this blog featuring six other delightful Kiwi delicacies to taste, including: pineapple lumps, pavlova, pies and kumara,

The Stories behind our Official and Unofficial National symbols of NZ

Thu 30 May 2019

Here is our blog explaining the objects, symbols or things that represent New Zealand and its people. These items have all come to be recognised both internationally and at home as representations of Aotearoa and its people.

Kiwi Culture Explained 3 – What is Kiwiana? Iconic Kiwi Things International Students Should Know About, Even in 2019

Thu 23 May 2019

In this blog we explore some common items of ‘Kiwiana’ – iconic Kiwi items that have become famous in NZ over many years, so much so that they are now ingrained in Kiwi culture.