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Kiwi Culture Explained 4 - The link between New Zealand and the Pacific Islands explained for International Students

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Thu 10 Oct 2019

As it is Fijian Language Week this week (and Niuean Language Week next week), this blog has been created to explain the shared bonds and links that Aotearoa, New Zealand, has with the Pacific Islands close to us.

Top Coffees & Coffee Places in NZ for International Students

Thu 3 Oct 2019

These are our recommendations for the best coffee across the country – all the iStudent team weighed in with their suggestions and we collected the best to create this list!

Annual Report

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Mon 30 Sep 2019

iStudent Complaints' 2019 Annual Report is available to download as a PDF document. 

Lesser-Known Places in New Zealand to Visit for International Students

Thu 26 Sep 2019

These are some of the unheralded and unspoken best places that New Zealand has to offer that may not be as popular as other places to discuss, but deserve a mention because of their beauty, uniqueness or ruggedness.

Spring in New Zealand 2019 for International Students

Thu 19 Sep 2019

This is a general overview of the spring season in New Zealand, which lasts from September to November before summer begins in the month of December.