New Zealand beach

Visit the water
Incredible water spots are never far away in New Zealand, and in the summer heat the best way to stay cool is by taking a dip in the water. With so many incredible beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, streams and water holes to explore, it is worthwhile to research what is nearby! Think ahead, ensure that you will have a spot to yourself on a glorious day and bring sunscreen.

New Zealand baches on a hill

Rent a bach
The best way to experience a Kiwi summer is by spending it with friends in family in a place that isn’t your home away from home. Staying with friends in a bach/crib (holiday home) is a great way to experience an iconic part of Kiwi culture.

New Zealand road with mountains in background

Road Trip
Use your holiday time to explore another part of the country that is unfamiliar to you and away from your hall of residence or place of study. If you are studying in Auckland take a trip up North to Cape Reinga, or travel South to the Coromandel. Those in Waikato have many destinations available to them outside of the city. If you are in Wellington, you can take the ferry across to Nelson or make the drive up the North Island. South Islanders can try a trip North or even further South and explore away from the cities of Christchurch and Dunedin.

Mount Tongariro

Take a walk
When the weather is warm, hiking is very popular! The long sunny days make for perfect conditions to take-in the spectacular views offered up by walks across the country. Aotearoa is famous for both its walks and its landscapes, so take the chance to explore both when they are at their most visible. You can go on a single day trip or take a few days to do some of the country’s longer hikes.

Sunbathing with a dog, book and wearing a sunhat, top view

Have a rest
You’ve earned it! Read a book in the sun, hang out with your friends, or just stay inside in the shade. Summer is a great time to recharge and catchup with all the hobbies, people and places that you may have been missing while you focused on your studies. 

Cricket ball on beach

Play some summer sports
Summer sports such as cricket and tennis are all the rage, with plenty of games to watch as well as trying them out yourself. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend backyard cricket. The heat of summer means that it’s also a great time to give some water sports like surfing or kayaking a go too!

Night, ticker tape raining down, people with hands in air

Attend an event
New Year’s festivals are on! And due to COVID-19 they will be all based around local Kiwi talent, with artists such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Benee and Shapeshifter in attendance! You can attend our biggest New Year’s Festival, Rhythm and Vines, in Gisborne, or opt for one of the more low-key events around your city.

Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries

Try some seasonal food & drink
Wineries, ice-cream parlours, restaurants, cafes and fruit picking are all open and ready to serve you the tastiest summer treats. Sample some of the best food that New Zealand has to offer, whether it be a real fruit ice cream made from a mixture of hand-picked berries or a restaurant meal with fresh fish and vegetables. Aotearoa has some of the freshest food on offer!

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