Thinking about studying in New Zealand

Thinking about studying in New Zealand?

Would you like to find out more about why New Zealand is a great place to live, work and study as an international student? If so, the Study in New Zealand website is the place for you. It has a range of information for international students interested in studying in New Zealand, including course options, available scholarships, guidance on how to apply for your course and visa, plus real student stories. The Study in New Zealand website is a great first step towards a New Zealand education!

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Already studying in New Zealand

Already studying in New Zealand?

NauMai NZ has information and suggestions for international students currently in New Zealand. If you are looking for some tips on how to make yourself at home, about the style of learning here, or if you need some support then NauMai NZ is a really useful resource for you. As a student, you will need to focus on your education, take care of your wellbeing, and manage your finances while also making the most of your time in New Zealand. This website has a range of guides that will help you through that experience.

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Looking for travel ideas

Looking for travel ideas?

The 100% Pure New Zealand website is packed with travel inspiration! This Tourism New Zealand page allows you to learn more about the great tourist destinations in Aotearoa, explore activities and plan what you can do during your free time in New Zealand. Whether you are interested in adventure activities (like bungy-jumping or white water rafting), looking to explore some of the best scenery in the world (New Zealand is known for its picturesque mountains, lakes and glaciers) or even if you are a Lord of the Rings fan wanting to tour middle earth (you’ll want to add a visit Hobbiton to your wish list!) this website will provide plenty of inspiration.

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Interested in visa options

Interested in visa options?

Every international student will need to look at their visa and immigration options before studying in New Zealand. While you are studying, you might want to check your conditions, for example if you are looking to get a part-time job you need to check if you can work. Others might like to explore options for after their studies too. The Immigration New Zealand website is the place to go. You can look at all visa options to study and apply. If you already have a visa, you might need to transfer it to a new passport or make changes at some point during your visa. Through the Immigration New Zealand website, you can find all the information you’ll need for your own visa situation.

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coronavirus (COVID-19) for international students

Want information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) for international students?

The Unite Against COVID-19 website is the best source for everyday information about the coronavirus. It has information about New Zealand’s alert levels, precautions that you can take (like washing your hands, wearing a face mask, staying home if you are feeling sick, and using the NZ COVID Tracer App) and all the latest announcements from the New Zealand Government in response to the pandemic.

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We also recommend the Nau Mai website for coronavirus information tailored to international students. The link below has information on the current situation, travel to New Zealand, visas and more to help international students.

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