Bungy Jumping 

Bungy jumping has become a rite of passage for many visitors to New Zealand. Bungy jumping was first introduced to New Zealand in 1988 by A J Hackett and Henry Van Asch who made the world’s first commercial bungy jump at Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown. Today, there are plenty of options and locations to choose from around the country. You can leap from a bridge, rail viaducts, roofs or tower edges. The highest jump in New Zealand is 134m. That results in a terrifying but exhilarating 8.5 seconds of freefall. If you are up for this thrill then A J Hackett – Nevis Bungy is the place to go.  

Canyon Swing

Shotover Canyon Swing

Jumping off a cliff, but with a difference!. Located in Queenstown New Zealand, this giant rope swing will offer you a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy 60-meters of freefall,  making this the highest cliff jump in the world. You can jump solo or tandem with a friend, or for more adventurous types you can choose to jump over sitting in a chair, backwards, or upside down. Canyon Swing also offers The Fox experience where you shoot across a flying fox from a 182-meter cliff then falling 5meters and reaching to a cliff 445m across you through the abyss of the canyon. The views are absolutely worth this adrenaline rushing experience. You can book both experiences as a bundle through their website. 


ZORB Rotorua

Owned and invented by Kiwis, this fun activity can be experienced only in Rotorua. You can roll down a hill in a giant inflated ball with or without water inside on any one of the four tracks available or all four of them. Invented in 1997 by Andrew and David Akers in the same location, Zorb Rotorua is a must do in New Zealand. Try your best to stay standing in the Zorb for a real challenge!

Sky diving

Sky Diving

Sky diving is a popular adventure in New Zealand. It is one of the best ways to take in the views of our beautiful country. You can experience tandem sky diving all around New Zealand. Our lush landscape offers breath-taking views for your adrenaline rush. Auckland, Taupo, Queenstown, Abel Tasman, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier are some of the ideal locations for sky diving. At Abel Tasman you can experience the highest sky dive – 20,000 feet above the ground.



This is an extreme winter sport and we recommend this only for advanced skiers. Available only in South Island of New Zealand, this adventure will get the blood rushing through your veins. South Island Heliski operators will take you up on the mountains and guide you through available back country tracks and safety concerns. You can then follow your heart to ski down the mountains. Depending on the package you have purchased, your Heliski operaters may take you to different mountains as well. You can experience the highest peak in New Zealand at Aoraki Mount Cook in Southern Alpines. This website will give you all the available options in South Island.



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