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Kiwi Culture Explained 6 – Why Farm Animals Are Becoming Social Media Stars in NZ

Thu 14 Nov 2019

You’ve seen them everywhere, cows, sheep and horses dominate the New Zealand landscape. Meanwhile on Instagram you’ve got the household pets, dogs, cats and rabbits, covering your Insta feed.

10 Best NZ Swimming Holes

Thu 7 Nov 2019

This is our list of the best swimming holes that you can visit when New Zealand’s summer is in full swing (or beat the rush and go on a hot day at the end of spring).

9 Kiwi Only Problems that International Students Will Discover When Studying Here

Thu 31 Oct 2019

These are the Kiwi things that are minor problems, however all Kiwis and most students living in the country will experience at one point in their lives in New Zealand, whether it happens to them or one of their friends.

iStudent Complaints Annual Report Released for 2018-2019!

News item
Thu 24 Oct 2019

Recently, we released our annual report, here are some of the key facts & figures that we think our blog readers will be interested in.

Kiwi Culture Explained 5 - 8 Crazy Facts about Kiwis and New Zealand

Thu 17 Oct 2019

Here are some extraordinary facts about Aotearoa that you might not have known before reading this!