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Fun Things to Do in The Major Cities of NZ for International Students (2019 Edition)

Thu 11 Apr 2019

Our picks for things to do and places to go across the country’s main centres in 2019. We’ve selected our top three things for each place. Option 1 is a place to visit. Option 2 is a top-rated restaurant or café.

Big Kiwi Annual Events for International Students to Attend

Thu 4 Apr 2019

These are the events that everyone living in New Zealand should experience at least once. After all, they only happen every year!

10 South Island Schools for International Students to Consider in NZ

News item
Thu 28 Mar 2019

The South Island is home to many great schools. Here’s a sample of ten schools, from primary to college level, that international students can attend.

Basic New Zealand University Terms Glossary for International Students

News item
Thu 14 Mar 2019

A short glossary of basic terms that are widely used across all New Zealand’s tertiary educational facilities.